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Sheandcotravelmorocco is a tour company based in Meknes. The idea of creating this tour company came during the early days of quarantine. We felt that our world is more than a place to live in but also different countries, cultures, traditions, and diversity to explore and learn from. We are located in the center of Morocco which makes it easy for us to provide a variety of packages to satisfy the needs of our visitors to any destination in our country.

The company was finally created in 2021 by two friends who were classmate since high school 2007. We had always a passion for traveling and exploring new cities within our home country Morocco. Then the idea of helping people to discover Morocco was always in our mind and we want to make it true in our real life.

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Why Sheandcotravelmorocco

We provide unbeatable access to experience around Morocco. Our Tour company offers a unique and authentic experience for travelers around the world who wants to explore our beloved country.

We are here to tailor unique tours for women travelers who are looking for an enchanting tour experience in Morocco.

We also operate with all genders; men, couples, students, individuals, or groups of travelers.

Join us for a lifetime adventure in which you will enjoy the magical attractions that include historical places, Medinas (old cities), Natural spaces, Sahara Desert, and meet locals who will be happy to share their stories and daily life with you.

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