Tour to Morocco

Tour to Morocco for 5 days in the city of Marrakesh. This short trip in Marrakesh is for lovers of exquisite and short routes, including non-tourist places, interesting acquaintances, and stylish restaurants. The program combines ancient palaces and modern galleries, which allows you to see Marrakech as multifaceted as possible.

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Tour To Morocco is 5 days in Marrakesh and its regions. It is perfect for lovers of short trips to one city, without long journeys. It is ideal for romantic couples who want to immerse themselves in the beauty of the city, and enjoy beautiful candlelit evenings.
You will see the charismatic capital of the Berbers – the city of Marrakech, which is sometimes called the “Red City”. Its stunning sights and accommodations in the best hotels, gastronomic lunches and dinners are in excellent locations in the city. One day you will have a romantic dinner in the desert Agafay in the style of “1001 nights” with a special menu. Later visit the talented craftsmen and artisans who create stunning Lanterns, Leather slippers, and jewelry. For VIPS – a special private visit to the villa “Oasis” fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. An experienced tour guide will take you through the intricate streets of the medieval medina and help you not to get lost among the aromas and bright colors of the city. The tour can be extended with a beach holiday in Morocco at the best seaside resort in the Kingdom! You can book this tour in any season.

“Life while traveling is a dream in its purest form.”

Agatha Christie

Tour to Morocco, the main things on the trip in our  5 days in Marrakesh

11 days Morocco tour

City of Marrakesh

Guided tour through the streets of the Medina, beautiful gardens, museums and boutiques

Tour to Morocco

Majorelle Garden

Dive into Painter Jacque Majorelle’s famous Moroccan blue

8 days tour in Marrakesh

Secrets of the medina

Special route through medieval Marrakesh and its best locations secrets of the medina

Exquisite Locations

Lunches and dinners in the best atmospheric riads and hotels.

Villa Oasis

Visit to Yves Saint Laurent’s Villa Oasis.
blue city

Desert Agafay

Luxury Desert Camp Accommodation & 1001 Nights Dinner

Tour to Morocco

Shopping Tour

We know the best locations to buy stylish items in Marrakesh and all the cities in Morocco

VIP Service

Transport only VIP class and guide concierge from airport to airport

Tour to Morocco, 5 days tour in Marrakesh the magical city of Morocco.

Day 1: Casablanca 

Arrive in the country

Arrive in Casablanca, fast track. Meeting at the airport with our team who will accompany you along your journey in Morocco.

Transfer to your hotel (1hr). Time at your leisure.

Day 2: Marrakesh – Casablanca

Tour through the ancient Marrakesh “Secret of the Medina”
Get acquainted with the city and the most significant mosque in Morocco. The Hassan II Mosque is the idea of King Hassan II, who arranged everything to build it in that place.
The mosque is designed in a way that half of it rises above the ocean. Six thousand artisans worked for five years on the creation of traditional mosaics, golden marble floors, and other decorations. We will do a tour of the mosque.
Then head to the gallery Villa des Arts de Casablanca, which is built in 1934. You will get acquainted with contemporary Moroccan artists at one of the exhibitions.
Lunch is at a waterfront restaurant with breathtaking views of the raging ocean.
Afterward, transfer to Marrakesh (2 h 30 min), and check in at the hotel. For the dinner, we will recommend an amazing restaurant.

Day 3: Marrakesh – Agafay Desert

Shopping tour and dinner in style of “1001 nights” at Agafay
You will walk through the most significant ancient palaces and visit the attractions in the city, which show an example of Moroccan architecture, Dar El Bacha, Bahia, Ben Youssef, and others.
The tour guide will share information about the beautiful doors and lead you through narrow mazes full of artisans, baboush (Moroccan shoe) Artisans, dealers in rare carpets, kaftans, and the famous Moroccan bazaars scented with spices, sweets, and oranges.
Lunch is at an authentic restaurant. Afterward, stroll through the legendary Jemma el Fna Square, with its diversity and unique spirit.
We will recommend a nice restaurant for dinner.

Day 4: Tour to Morocco, another day in Marrakesh

Special itinerary for Marrakesh
We suggest going for a ride on a motorcycle “Ural”. Itinerary through the history of the 1920s in the Art Deco style. You will see ancient and significant buildings for fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and immerse yourself in his love story with Marrakech. An inspiring walk along the bamboo avenue to the songs of the birds in the Majorelle Garden. Mysterious and magnificent deep blue garden in the heart of the red city.
We will open a closed villa for you – Villa Oasis, the house where Yves Saint Laurent lived and worked during his stay in Morocco. Each space is filled with meaning and a charming atmosphere. Antiques, paintings, hand-carved cedar doors…
Visit the YSL Museum, which opened in October 2017 as a tribute to the designer’s special relationship with Marrakech, it houses the couturier collection. 
We will go to a secret place for lunch.
Dinner at an authentic restaurant. 

Day 5: Marrakesh – Airport

Transfer to Casablanca or Marrakesh Airport
Time at your leisure. Transfer to the Airport

Tour to Morocco, 5 days in Marrakesh costs depends on the range of service, the level of accommodation, and the season. We can change the Itinerary according to your preferences. You can request to add other cities or some special that you like to have in your tour. Write to us, we will definitely assist you with all your inquiries.

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