We are presenting this women club tour for women travelers who wants to explore various countries and experience their tradition. The tour is a fully thought-out adventure with immersion in the country of Morocco, its culture, tradition, and its way of living. We make a program that gives you peace of mind and total focus on enjoying the moment.

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Which cities we recommend

Women club tour will cover different parts of Morocco, from the north to south passing by the cities in the middle of Morocco especially the Atlas mountains and the imperial cities. We will also visit the coastal cities and the Mediterranean as well.

Our adventurous 11 nights tour in Morocco includes a variety of activities and new things to explore in the country. In case you are a group of women and you want more or fewer days tours, let us know and we will customize it for you.

Our women club tour will include the following activities.

Henna ceremony

Henna is a plant that grows mostly in the Mediterranean regions, once it is harvested we leave it some days to dry under the sun, then it is grounded to form a fine powder, and when it is mixed with water it becomes a thick paste, then its ready to be used by “Neqasha” the artist who make henna patterns which both Moroccan Amazigh and Arabs paint on their hands or their feet, especially during special ceremonies.

Why Henna in Meknes?

Meknes is known for its different mystical branches of Islam, among these branches there is a famous brotherhood called “Issawa” who came into being in the 16th century, their beliefs are based on the teachings of “Sidi Mohammed ben Aissa” known as Sheik Al Kamel. therefore, we want to keep you close to a spiritual atmosphere cause Henna ceremonies are always accompanied by spiritual chants, dances, and musical performances.

A traditional Hammam

Moroccan males or females shower in the traditional hammam once a week. They usually go by themselves, with their buddies or families. the Hammam in Morocco is usually two buildings that separate the women’s space from men’s. It also makes it a secure area for bathers who get dressed mostly in their underwear.

The Moroccan hammam takes the form of the Roman bath and is inspired by the Othman Turkish style, with three squared rooms, a very hot room, a medium heated room, and a cooler room. With a centered doom with holes, it allows fresh air circulation in the medium room. There is an extra changing room where visitors of the hammam change clothes and get rest.

Pre Hammam Rituals

Copy and paste your article here and click “Check for Plagiarism” Before going to the hammam, you will do shopping to buy some products that are used in the traditional hammam such as:

“Soap beldi” is made with natural soap and olives oil. It is applied to the skin from head to toe. It has an incredible result in softening the skin.

Another Moroccan product is a “Kees”. It is like a glove used in one hand which helps you scrape your skin and remove the dead skin. Some women will ask their friend or neighbor to scrub her back or they might hire “Kassala” to help them with that.

The third important product is a clay mask called “Ghassoul”. After your wash your hair with your shampoo, you can apply the “Ghassoul” mask to your entire body and hair. It is a mix of clay and rose water, and it has many health benefits for your hair and skin.

This short shopping tour is a chance to get more information about the products and how to use them.

After getting into the hammam, you will go to the changing room where you will change your clothes. Then you will leave your bag containing all your items with the attendant who is responsible for guarding it.

To avoid losing valuable items, we do not bring valuable stuff to the hammam such as jewelry, a large amount of money, cell phones, and so on.

Benefits Of Moroccan Hammams

We have a Moroccan idiom that says: “Entering the Hammam is not like leaving it”

This means that the person becomes someone else after hammam, it is detox for the body and the soul.

It relaxes your body and muscles especially when you use the steamed rooms is like you are taking a deep massage. It also calms your mind, reduces stress, and helps you get better sleep.

Moreover, the traditional hammam is healthy for your skin. It benefits from vitamins, minerals, and natural traditional Moroccan hammam products. All these natural products will help you remove the dead kind, reduce toxins from the skin and keep your skin fresh.

Morocco and Tea

Tea is socially consumed around Morocco every day. It is a mix of water with tea leaves and herbs mostly mint, verbena, or wormwood. It is usually served hot and sweet (very sweet). Most people prefer to have a cup of tea after meals as it helps with digestion.

Tea History

The history of Moroccan tea goes back to the 12 century BC during the phoneticians’ era who settled in for around 8 centuries in northern Morocco. Another story says that the Amazigh native people of Morocco brought that tea while trading with Asians. Another hypothesis links it to the reign of Moulay Ismail who received a quantity of tea as a gift from the queen of Britain after releasing some European prisoners.

Tea Ceremony

mint tea is considered the national drink for all Moroccans, and the symbol of their hospitality and generosity. Whenever you go to Morocco, you will be invited for a glass of mint tea.

Our tea ceremony demonstration will be in one of the cities that you will be visiting, or in the desert since the tradition of making it is almost the same all over Morocco. Thus, you will learn the names of tools and the ingredients that are used for centuries in making this drink. Also, you will be able to prepare a mouth-watering glass of tea.

Sahara Activities

The Sahara desert covers the territory of more than ten north African countries. Morocco is one of the countries that have deserts with amazing sand dunes that are not observed everywhere, and it is considered a convenient and safest country to visit. In morocco, you can enjoy the dunes in several places, one of the most famous places is called Merzouga. Another beautiful place is called Zagora. During your trip to the Sahara desert, you can do many activities that will make your trip so special and full of memories.


A drum circle will start with the members in the desert who will accommodate you. It is like a warmup, then they will start singing which will lead to dancing around the fire pit. This drum circle will transfer to a lesson that will teach you how to use Moroccan instruments. In addition, you will have a fun and unforgettable night at that luxurious desert camp.


In Sahara, you can do sand surfing through the huge sand dunes that take a shape of a wave sometimes. You will just need to pick up a board and the dune you like then have fun.

Camel riding

After dressing like natives, you can ride a camel and have a tour in the desert to get closed to the huge dunes that appear to be low until you see someone or a group of people climbing it, then you realize how huge it is. It is a wonderful opportunity to take photos and enjoy the sunrise or sunset while riding camels

Cooking class

You have the opportunity to prepare Moroccan dishes by yourself as a Moroccan. This activity will include going to “the Souk” (Market) in order to buy fresh vegetables, meat, chicken, or fish. Then head toward your Riad where you will meet your instructor who will show you step by step how to make a specific Moroccan dish.


You will benefit from a half-day exploring the Sahara desert or a specific city on your quad, you will have a guide who will assist you choose your helmet, goggles, and hood as well as give you some safety instructions before starting the tour.

What is included in the women club tour?

The tour includes accommodation with breakfasts (in some cases with dinner and/or lunch).

Service of a local guide.

Moving around the cities in private transportation with a private driver.

Visiting museums and other monuments.

Photography and other entertainment such as Hamman, concerts and so on.

What is not included?

Airfare is not included in the tour price. Everyone has their own preference in airlines and classes of service.

Medical and travel insurance are not included in our tour.

Personal expenses such as shopping.

How to book your women club tour with Sheandcotravelmorocco

We organize the tour once a month after getting the minimum number of participants (2 travelers at least). To book your place, contact us by clicking here or reach out to us through our social, WhatsApp or fill out the contact form you see on the page. We will send you the full itinerary and the total costs within 24 hours.

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